Harvey Brownstone Interviews...

Harvey Brownstone Interviews Daniel Arbon, Filmmaker, “Hawker”

November 21, 2023 Harvey Brownstone Season 3 Episode 82
Harvey Brownstone Interviews...
Harvey Brownstone Interviews Daniel Arbon, Filmmaker, “Hawker”
Show Notes

Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth Interview with Daniel Arbon, Filmmaker, “Hawker”


About Harvey's guest:


Today’s guest, Daniel Arbon, is a filmmaker from the United Kingdom who has produced a number of short films entitled, “Ironheart”, “Plated”, “White Feather”, and now, his brand new film entitled, “Hawker”, which he wrote, produced and directed.  


This short film tells the true story of Major Lanoe Hawker, who was Britain's first World War 1 "Ace" pilot, and a pioneer of early aviation combat.  The movie focuses on the activities of July 25th, 1915, when Hawker, who was at that time a Captain, became the first British pilot to successfully shoot down an enemy aircraft, by mounting a Lewis Gun to the side of his Bristol Scout airplane.   


This ambitious and exciting film, which is being released on November 23, was a labour of love for our guest, whose interest in aviation originated when he trained in Aerospace Manufacturing.  He went on to be an Officer Cadet at RMA Sandhurst, and after his discharge from the British Army, he began his career in the arts as an actor, graduating from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2011.   After appearing in 7 films, he turned his attention to writing, producing and directing, and in 2016 he formed his own production company called Middle Realm Productions.  


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